9mm Pistol Edit

USP Match
The H&K 9mm Match is a light Firearm, built by manufactured by Heckler and Koch, the firearm is capable of inflicting traumatic damage to an opponent with cheap ammunition, and since it is the most common weapon around, easily concealable and easy to operate, it can be effective in many situations. The firearm is light, manoeuvrable and even though it may be difficult to smuggle somewhere, it is quite easy to conceal and can be in good reach when in trouble. It is a easy weapon to come across, and is likely to be seen used by Civil Protection Officers or Resistance Members.

9x19 Parabellum (18 bullets per full magazine)
.40 S&W (16 bullets per full magazine)
.45 ACP (12 bullets per magazine)

Main Features:

1. Double Action Trigger

2. Manual Safety Switch

3. Flash Hider - Built in. (For covert operations)

4. Night Sights (Front and rear)           

5. Captive Recoil Spring

6. Steel Magazines

The pistol is the most common firearm to be seen. The first weapon, besides the baton, issued to a Metropolitan Unit will be the pistol. It is widely used by the Resistance because of the reliable, concealable model, and because it is easy to obtain from weaker units holding the weapon.

The gun itself will require magazines and bullets to be used. The player will have to load the gun with a magazine containing the bullets, snap off the safety, and make sure the slide is forward before being fired.

You will sometimes see lower ranking units using the 9mm Pistol, these units usually consist of the 05+.