Bob good was a minge who only minged to become youtube famous and to spread his name around. He "grew out" of HL2RP back in the early spring of 2016, and abandoned GMOD completely. Later on in January 2017; he would abandon Steam aswell. His name still lives on, but his legacy is forever lost. The Bob Good Militia has disbanded, and the few remaining members rarely play Garry's mod, and when they do they're usually roleplaying. In his absence, HL2RP has become more of a shithole than ever, with fascist admins ruling the serverlists and ruining the fun of hundreds of innocent solo-minges. However, the minges have realized this, and created a new team; Madbluntz Republika Srpska. This new team is already many times larger than Bob Good's militia could ever have hoped to be, and participates in active raids to this day.