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  • Cities, also known as Metropolitan Areas, are large, Combine-urban controlled communities. Each city has a Nexus and often local Resistance cells. Union forces and large walls keep cities safe from alien wildlife like antlions and headcrabs.

NOTE: The following list is not canon. City 17 is the only combine-controlled city known in HL2. Do not under any circumstance claim otherwise if you are a Lore Writer on a server!

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List of Major Cities[]

City 1: "Located in New York, New York City. The Combine established it as the luxurious resort for all combine loyalists that have earned the title of Golden tier loyalty, these are very rare but seeing as there are multiple cities it is sanctioned that loyalists who have reached this achievement have been given the chance to relocate to this utopia."

City 2: "Located in Florence, Italy. The billboards around express the Italian language and also the construction style." (Location difference)

City 3: "Located in Moscow, Russia.''

City 4: "Located in Abuja, Nigeria"

City 5: "Located in Seattle, Washington. A Large populated isolated city that is left mostly in ruins and frequent antlion attacks, With the Needle used as a Combine Nexus to over look the city. As from above the Administrator of the city would be present mostly. Nothing else would be present and the city is mostly left to bits and abandoned."

City 6: "Located in London, England. The Combine damaged London severely during the 7 Hour War, with many of its historical monuments reduced to shambles. The Shard and the Tower of London still remain however. The Combine established the Tower of London as a Loyalist paradise. The Shard was transformed into a major Nexus headquarters for the Civil Protection. The London eye is destroyed and parts float around in the Thames making it easy to loot for metal to sell. Buckingham palace is used as a housing complex for loyalists with a silver tier loyalty level. This complex has its own Combine guards who wear a unique blue outfit. The Houses of Parliament are used as a large Combine garrison for synth forces. The tower bridge has not been touched during the war and is fairly in decent shape as the combine use it for checkpoint around the parts of London. Antlion attacks are frequent in this city, though in recent years the Combine has established large thumpers on the outskirts of the city which have greatly restricted the annual attacks. City 6 is one of the most well-established cities in Europe, only being succeeded by City 14 and 17."

City 7: "Located in Toronto, Canada. The city is now in ruins and harsh brutal dictatorship by the combine and citizens suffer every day from attacks by antlions or combine rule." (Location difference)

City 8: "Located in Tokyo, Japan. City 8 is a large metroplex and one of the most populated cities in the world. Being as compact a city as it is, anti-citizen activity is hard to monitor with the limited number of Civil Protection units on patrol though more scanners have been put into play recently to try and monitor known hotspots."

City 9: "Located in Norilsk, Russia. City 9 is the most northern city in the world controlled by the Combine. It is incredibly remote and is comprised of mostly Soviet apartment blocks. It is so remote that there isn't even a train station meaning citizens being relocated have to be transported with the help of Dropships. City 9 has 1,568 civilians living there. The Nexus is located in the south-western region of City 9, the Universal Unions occupation there is small, there is 349 Civil Protection, no Gunships, 1 Dropship, 3 APC's, 1 Strider, 2 Hunter Choppers, 3 OTA patrolling the outskirts and 1 Combine Elite. The outskirts of the city are abandoned and inhabited by Resistance and is infested with Xen creatures. The Combine installed Combine Smart Barriers around the city to protect it from Xen raids. An endemic species of Antilon lives in the area and is called the Siberian Antilon, it burrows in huge piles of snow."

City 10: "Located in St. Petersburg, Russia. A large city on the Russian coastline in the west. It has a high industrial count with the biggest products daily for the combine."

City 11: "Located in Wellington, New Zealand. Known for its tall apartment complexes that tower the Central District and its expression of Maori culture and language. the city is not in good condition however power and sewage systems have been kept up by the combine as well as the citadel powering the city. The city is mostly a slum. with the Beehive as the Overwatch Nexus and the New Zealand Parliament Buildings as the sky bridge.

City 12: "Located in Seoul, South Korea. The city has similar appearances to City 8 due to it's culture and design on the city, it is used as a major city and is the biggest in the Korean Peninsula, it has a large population as most of the cities in Korea were evacuated there to the city or the port city of Busan. The city does come under threat by antlions but not so much as the city walls and many OTA units are present on the outskirts and always aware.

City 13: "An overpopulated Western European metropolis located in the former city of Bratislava, Slovakia." (Location difference)

City 14: "Located in Paris, France. The cities structure on a daily basis is doing much better than cities 8 & 6 with more ales brutal combine control and harsh dictatorship, the city itself is now a safe haven for most. With thousands of loyalists and citizens the city's landmarks are almost destroyed with the Eiffel tower being used into a weapon and the citadel making it used as well. The Notre Dame is used as the garrison for the combine with thousands of OTA units and synth underground into making a factory. Citizen life is hard to achieve into this utopia. Advisors are present in parts of the city but not always. They are only present in certain areas where citizens are heavily restricted to go. Military equipment and abandoned areas are left around where mostly just jeeps and destroyed tanks. Cars are also used but only to golden tier loyalists.

City 15: "Located in Brisbane, Australia."

City 16: "Located in New Delhi, India. The City has a large booming population, with the former nation of India having a large population the combine couldn't kill out most of the citizens so the population still remains. However the city is divided into slums areas and poor buildings that are rotten down. The combine have no bother in repairing it in anyway. Most areas are mainly the same and are decay rapidly. Antlion attacks have been small since the city is so big and mainly populated that it is impossible to wipe out an entire area. With alot of CPS and OTA units being made there in India it has serviced the combine as a breading ground to make more Synth units. The Suppression field isn't as brutal in Europe or America but more alot soft as they want to keep the population growing. Resistance is quite small as most Indian people dare oppose the CMB as the Loyal CPS are everywhere and in every place making it hard to rebel. A Citadel is present in the heart of Delhi and the Secretariat Building is used as a governance building for Council members and gold tier Loyalists. The Financial district is turned into a loyalist ground, and most Skih temples are used as OTA garrisons and look out points for any resistance attacks or nearby invasions of antlions. The city is a hell hole that is described by the Native people there and is best to avoid it at all costs, even if you are looking or safty from the antlions.

City 17: "Located in Sofia, Bulgaria. A large metropolitan area in Eastern Europe and is the most integral part of all the cities, As it has the only portal to the Combine overworld located at the top of the Citadel, Located somewhere in Bulgaria or Latvia according to the most popular theories. City 17 also houses the large districts of District 47 and Industrial 17"

City 18: "A large, yet relatively poor urban settlement located in the former city of Stockholm, Sweden."

City 19: "Located in Venice, Italy. The city is half sunken and destroyed due to the war and combine destruction it's self, the population is very low with only a loyalist count. There are no OTA units in the city but only around the outskirts on large platform rigs that can protect the city. The only way to the city is by boat.

City 20: "Located in Rome, Italy. This modest city was known to it's famous architecture and history of Italy. The colosseum is used as a large entertainment ground for people who want to do battles and for the loyalists and poor. And for overlord ranking advisors to watch too. The people are mostly well clean and healthy and the city is too big for antlions to gain a dominance off. Like Athens they both share a hold in common. Everyday citizens would become safe and would prosper around everywhere. The trains and cars are once again in use. You can basically hear a modern day pre-war society as the common aren't harsh towards it at all. Rome has it's governmental block with politically large numbers of loyalist choosing what to replace and what to improve on. Jobs are hard but are worth it. With a sustainable environment people live in harmony with the combine. The Vatican City is even used as apart in Rome and is used for governmental and Advisor Kings only. The Pantheon is currently being rebuilt due to the destruction of the SHW which caused the city to inflate and collapse. Causing a major break and death toll towards the people. Rome is the like a non stop limit spanning civilization which will forever grow.

City 21: "Located in Madrid, Spain. A poor Spanish city. This leads to many attacks from Antlions and wildlife invasions with the city being just a regular slum area. The cities land marks are completely wiped out off the grid the Spanish people suffer everyday because of the combine rule the combine hold a strong grip on the cities' slum area and government buildings to show what is left. Advisors are present around parts of the city but not frequent.

City 22: "Located in Prague, Czech Republic. Antlion attacks are not frequent since the combine have installed massive thumpers around the city outskirts and the daily extermination of caves and ruined parts of the city."

City 23: "Located in Mumbai, India"

City 24: "Located in Geneva, Switzerland.

A modest city that has large and tall structures that are about half the size of the citadel, of which are used for apartments and military garrison. Combine patrols are heavily frequent here. Old buildings are in ruins and are inhabited by resistance and headcrabs. Harsh dictatorship is used in the location, the city is nicknamed as “The Royal City.”

City 25: "Located in Serbia. The main UU building (citadel) was located in Belgrade, but the combine expanded the city 25 to the whole country of Serbia since the big population, There are several districts that are as follows: C25D2-Novi Sad C25D3-Kraljevo C25D4-Nis C25D5-Pristina C25D6-Subotica. The City has been struggling with the power outages since the Combine have destroyed the most of Coal plants and hydro plants during the 7 hour war. The Parliament of Serbia in Belgrade was turned into overwatch nexus building."

City 26: "Located in Budapest, Hungary."

City 27: "Located in Auckland, New Zealand. The city is the largest city in the northern Island with a large spanning population and a larger industrial sector, The port is always busy with pre-war ships from Australia and China and Japan collecting resources and rations. The Central business center is used for CWU business purposes and is replaced a lot with combine control. The sky tower is used as the citadel but updated much larger and bigger the town hall is used as a nexus and a loyalist building which holds 512 OTA units and 32 synths.

City 28: "Located in Asuncion, Paraguay"

City 29: "Located in Los Angeles, USA."

City 30: "Located in Detroit, USA. The city has already been rotting away, but after the Combine took over. they didn't decide to do anything about the rotting neighbourhoods. almost all the neighbourhoods in Detroit have succumbed to floura, blight and Xen, however the main city centre where the Citadel and apartments are are fine. The Combine installed Combine Smart Barriers around the city centre to protect the city from hellish blight. As a result, the Resistance have taken over the neighbourhoods and are using remaining damaged houses as homes for the Resistance."

City 31: "Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, The Only Northern city in the British Isles. The city has a large population with large walls protecting from wildlife, OTA units are heavily present at all times.

City 32: "Located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The city is crowded but very clean. The Hagia Sophia is the Nexus and holds a strong Combine garrison and usually always crushes Resistance groups. The Aristotle Square is used as a parade ground showing off the Universal Union's might with unique synths and strong powerful weapons that the human race cannot defeat, the square is also used as a rallying center for great rallies for people to gather in and for the combine to brainwash by saying that our species are taken to the start of combine race. The church of saint Demetrius is used as a loyalist site and usually a place where they can worship or hang out. The consort hall is designed to be a mass combine facility making in gunships and synth biological weapons with all kinds of threats to end the human race. However these synths do not go into the city but more ales go into a portal to another world presumably people have said to a new planet at Kepler-186f an earth-like planet that is constantly attacked by the Combine Universal Empire, However, only loyalists who have a high golden tier and who work at the facility know about it. The tower is used for a prison garrison holding in for blood, torture, death, and suffering for all kinds of people. Many CP units would be stationed there for the experience to what happens to citizens and used for a Guinea pig for their training. The dock is busy every day with lots and lots of cargo ongoing and departing with exotic fruits and exotic meats such as leeches, Rare shark meat, fish, and etc. The city is at least 78% of its hygiene and is one of the second successful city after Athens."

City 33:"Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Location difference)"

City 34: "Located in Pernik, Bulgaria." (Location difference)

City 35: "Located in Hong Kong, in the Hong Kong Islands."

City 36: "Located in Berlin, Germany. The Brandenburg gate stand strong as a massive rally point for all German citizens and military alike. With huge banners and flags waving anywhere, the combine establish it as the most Honoured city in Germany and Europe with the highest population count with over a billion of people. The German city is also one of the safest with no antlion attacks or resistance as it is dictated as a Nazi state. Huge industrial areas are protecting the city with it's brick walls also how high they are."

City 37: "Located in Colombo, Sri Lanka."

City 38: "Located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. This city is not well known to relocate unless forced to, as the amount of waste and radioactive dumping's by the combine cause the city to be very unhealthy and rations are delayed on time ether by antlion attacks on the city's train lines and industrial areas."

City 39: "Located in Calcutta, India. A Poor populated city."

City 40: "Located in Melbourne, Australia. upside down"

City 41: "Located in Hamilton, New Zealand. The city has been under threat of antlion attacks ever since and wildlife are overtaking its party because of lack of combine defenses and citizen productivity half of the city's population is quite small and most citizens are trapped from wildlife and combine control every day."

City 42: "Located in Dunedin, New Zealand. the city is a Loyalist Utopia like City 1. Not much is known."

City 43: "Located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city was heavily affected by the Seven Hour War with almost every single building in the city damaged in some way, if not destroyed completely. The Combine has been trying to rebuild however all the apartment buildings in the city are destroyed or damaged so badly they are uninhabitable. So many people are homeless. The Bosnian parliamentary building is used as a major Nexus for Civil Protection and Overwatch soldiers alike. Antlion attacks happen commonly in City 43. The city looks like it was back in the Bosnian War, but worse."

City 44: "Located in Tauranga, New Zealand. Not much has changed about Tauranga, all it is really is a mostly untouched slum, all that changed is a nexus centre in the Tauranga District Court. However the Combine have an incredible grip on the city.

"City 45: A very large and productive city in Kansas City, United States. Frequent and brutal antlion attacks have forced the local Combine Nexus to install massive thumpers within the city's walls."

City 46: "Located in Plymouth, England" The City is used for the 2nd biggest industrial center for the British isles from food goods to weaponry transported on large combine container like vessels. These vessels are heavily armed with a large Synth soldiers including OTA units, Super Soldiers and Mortar synths. Plymouth would be directly attacked by antlions in the North side of the city as the cities do not really have walls to protect it's self from the dangers and is left as a vulnerable city."

City 47: "Located in Houston, USA, It is a well-populated area and a very rich suburban center"

City 48: "Located in Monterrey, Mexico."

City 49: "Located in Dublin, Ireland. The city has a low level dictatorship as the Irish people usually oppress the combine a lot in the city. Most of the forces are at Belfast and Cork and Dublin's combine system is usually weak and not probably stable. With large antlion attacks battering the city and lowering combine presence the citizens and the CPS suffer."

City 50: "Located in Lima, Peru."

City 51: "Located in Port Blair, Andaman Islands, India. A royal wealthy paradise for Loyalists around the world with the Golden tier rank. Parts around the city are now barley stable due to the combine during the Seven Hour War due to i's small belligerent activity now just slums, diseases, famine and suffering for the locals."

City 52: “Located in a somewhat remote location in Russia. City 52 is located near a large body of water. City 52 has been attacked many times in the past by Antlions fleeing from Moscow and it’s surrounding areas. City 52 has a direct trading route to City 3 in Moscow and City 10 in St. Petersburg. The city has a sewer system that is frequently used by the rebellion to move supplies throughout the various “Stations” littered across the country. It is common that some Overwatch are made into “Riders” which meant they would ride a Horse which has modifications given to it by the Combine. These riders are seen patrolling the streets every so often but are scarce.

City 55: "Located in Tallinn, Estonia. Located 20 km from City 17. It's landscape and building style is greatly similar to City 17 with Soviet style apartment building as well as 19th-century buildings. As well as being a similar size to City 17. It is a very overpopulated city."

City 56: "Located in Ioannina, Greece. The city has always been on harsh cruelty ever since the SHW. The lake has been polluted filled with radioactive waste and other acidic entities that roam the lake poisoning anyone who enters. The medieval fortress is used as the walls to protect the city with constant antlion attacks and other Xenian creatures the city is always at siege, The Aslan Mosque is used as a Nexus area as the Islamic design is torn down and recreated into a new building. Everywhere in the city is just a slum nothing important was ever needed or recreated nor anything to help the city, the population is the lowest in the city and the 8th city in Greece that is still active."

City 57: "Located in Heraklion, Crete, Greece: A Wealthy loyalist City where only loyalist citizens are allowed. There is no citadel in the city but only a Nexus. The city is barely attacked by antlions as the combine cleared most of the wildlife out of the island, making it a safe city and a safe island."

City 58: "Located in Bogota, Colombia. This city is the biggest city in the Northern South American Region with the population booming and constant attacks from antlions caused combine forces to install thumpers around the city's walls and abandon buildings outside. Casa de Nariño is used as Combine Nexus, However most part of the talls buildings of the center are destroyesd"

City 60: "Located in Tehran, Iran"

City 61: "This city is located in the Manchurian region of China formally known as Shenyang. City's skyscrapers are now used for apartments and only certain buildings for business, The population is massively huge in all areas and has a ration crisis."

City 62: "Located in Katerini, Greece. This city doesn't have walls to protect itself making the vulnerable city in Greece. Zombies are very frequent in the city with lots of head crab shelling and zombies attacking the streets, Many citizens are very unsafe and the town halls as a nexus are mostly small making combine control also small. However a lot of rebel cells are located underground and in the hills making it perfect for an attack on the city and to besiege it."

City 63: "Located in Memphis, United States."

City 64: " Located in Vilnius, Lithuania. One of the richest and most populated cities of Lithuania. City 64 wasn't much destroyed during the 7 hour war, the population isn't as massive as in City 17 and City 55. The Vilnius television tower was turned into a combine citadel. Most of houses are from soviet era, yet a lot of them remain from 19th century. It's similar to City-17. It isn't an loyalist heaven. Only things that remain of Lithuanian culture is the Gedeminas castle grounds and Vilnius cathedral. Outskirts are abandoned, only small pockets of resistance remain there."

City 65: "Located in Sydney, Australia. A massive productive city in the world with a large population rate, Antlion attacks are rare as the sand and combine walls protect the city."

City 66 - District 39 (Ataşehir District):

"Located in Istanbul, Turkey. Most of the streets and buildings are blocked and under the Combine Control. Bosphorus Bridge is now used by Combine for transportation. Other minor and major bridges are mostly Combine controlled. However, some bridges are destroyed to prevent the populace from escaping. Resistance is heavy here, the people in the city are not satisfied with the Combine Control of course. Civil unrestand anarchy are very common, which makes the Civil Protection's job hard and even more authoritarian. Patriotic and freedom-hungry people are still fighting in this city against the Combine Regime. It is normal to see Overwatch Soldiers patrolling the streets, rather than small groups of Civil Protection."

City 68: "Located in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This city is one of the most cites that will lead to US making it a grand city. It has a wealthy industry and a good population amount for the city. It connects a large Bridge over the land into the untied states to protect transport and railway from the antlions, below are the outskirts and wasteland, swampland which now inhabit resistance, Xen Fauna and something much worse."

City 69: "Located in Bucharest, Romania, Is the only city where ERP is ever justified in. Harsh population control and propaganda the city has turned into a harsh dictating community with some ethnic groups wiped out. Roma people are wiped out completely In the city by hunting them down and are moved to other parts of the country. This is also the same in city 13.

City 70: "Located in Singapore, Singapore."

City 71: "Located in Manila, Philippines."

City 72: "Located in Havana, Cuba"

City 73: "Located in Buenos Aries Argentina. The only city in South America where everywhere is destroyed except the Casa Rosada making it into a Nexus and a OTA Garrison, The city is heavily overpopulated as the outskirts of the city and people around Argentina rush to the city for protect ionas antlions attacks destroy towns and railways."

City 74: "Located in Warsaw, Poland. It's one of richest and safest cities in Poland. Palace of Culture and Science wasn't touched during the seven hour War. Now - it's half-loyalist block and half-nexus. Every sign of Polish culture (except the Palace of Culture and Science) was destroyed. Metro is infested by headcrabs and other Xen creatures. Some of the anti-citizens, formed a group called the "National Army". City The has 4 sectors. Industrial one, poorest sector for poor citizens. Residential one, every citizen that has money to pay for their housing - lives there. Military one - highly guarded sector with military supplies and Nexus. And the last one - loyalist sector. Every loyalist with brown armband+ can live there. It's the richest sector with exclusive shops, exclusive food rations, architecture and, it's own laws."

City 75: "Located in Taipei, Taiwan"

City 76: "Located in Athens, Greece. This city has a large spread scale that nearly covers up the southern part of Attica (Region of Greece) The combine made the island antlion free the best they can with large scale bridges that lead to main land Greece with capable of a train running through as well as a road. The acropolis of Athens is used for an advisor palace with unextendible gods as well as unimaginable, the palace is heavily fortified as the outposts and walls protect it. The people of Greece sees them nearly as gods of Greece believing that they are the benefactors and the gods they promised they came and the army of synths, their guardians. The Zappeion hall is used for a loyalist paradise with multiple loyalists coming and going planting whatever they desire. The market area is now a slum and a ruined sector. The parliament sector is used as a nexus and a garrison holding 7,123 OTA and 412 Elite as well as synth units up to 1,231 in total with crab synth super-elite soldier synth, and mortar synths as well as gunships dropships and so on, due to the advisors that are present. This city is the most favored by the combine as it has luminous and Luxurious city with everything they need with combine control not actually brutal because every citizen is almost loyal towards them. However there is a group known as the Golden Dawn it former ideologies consist of a neo-Nazi group but now changed as the only faction in Greece that is a rebel political group, their headquarters are unknown at this stage."

City 77: "Located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, A modest city but with a high population rate."

City 78: "Located in Manchester, England. This city is directly connected to City 6 via repurposed railway systems. City 78 is a very small city, most of this city's grounds are used for the creation and distribution of citizen products and some Civil Protection equipment. There are just over 3,000 citizens living in this city and about 1,000 metropolice and Overwatch soldiers."

City 79: "Located in Chelyabinsk, Russia. It is quite isolated and is the closest city to City 9."

City 80: ''Located in Cork, Ireland. The city's structure has been destroyed by the ongoing combine enslavement, with antlions not really attacking the city as much but the combine have slaughtered most areas, that humanity once built, the population is large with a spanning spree of nearly most of Southern Ireland, Cork is said to be the capital of Ireland itself since it's so remotely safe and hidden, yet can be attacked if the antlions once discover it."

City 81: "Located in Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam"

City 82: ''Located in Tel Aviv, Israel.''

City 83: "Located in Messina, Italy. This is known Due to it's Italian architectural style and housing."

City 84: "Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.''

City 85: "Located in Bangkok, Thailand."

City 86: ''Located in Helsinki, Finland.''

City 87: "Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A extremely populated and large but poor urban city. Crime is high despite Combine rule and most Civil Protection units, when finding contraband such as drugs, keep the items for themselves. Combine rule is established via a massive complex of Union bunkers in the rainforest. Rivers are sealed using concrete to prevent citizens from drinking non-'poisoned' water."

City 88: ''Located in Oslo, Norway.''

City 89: "Located in Libreville, Gabon. The largest prosperous city on the west coast of Africa."

City 90: ''Located in Copenhagen, Denmark.'

City: 91 "Located Somewhere in Egypt." The city's name is long forgotten due to the combine's brainwashing plan that made citizens even forget what country they use to be in thinking how they got here and where were they born. The city is located near the Coast but shipping routes have gone restricted due to Rebel control. The city survives mostly on water and cattle they all have left, if not the cities population will die. There is no sign of loyalist or any special thing in the city just slums clashes and CP corruption. Making it a hell hole.

City 92: ''Located in Reykjavik,Iceland.''

City 93: "Located in Pisa, Italy. The city has been in ruins ever since the War, UN troops were stationed at the city for protection but failed. The Combine now dominate it and rule it with a large nexus enough for the size of the half of the city to take over again, Rebel cells are located no where emits the city, the international airport is destroyed and battered however Ryanair and Air Italia aircraft are still there even military jets that are in the hangers but the airport is crawling with antlions and xen wildlife and are hard to get to. The city structure show that it is an Italian city. The tower of Pisa is used as the citadel to see over the city the best it can and is restricted straight as well into combine materials."

City 94: ''Located in Kuala Lumpia, Malaysia"

City 95: "Located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, The city population and it's industry are heavily low making it the one of the poorest cities in the central Asian region with the population just 1,212 and combine control is also brutal.

City 96: "Located in Odessa, Ukraine."

City 97: "Located in Algiers, Algeria. A large but poor city that's over taken by sand and suffering.

City 98: "Located in Montevideo, Uruguay."

City 99: "Located in Vienna, Austria. It is very overpopulated and is suffering from frequent antlion attacks due to the area being infested with Xenian wildlife."

City 100: "Located in Osaka, Japan. It is located around 20 km from City 8 (Tokyo)."

City 101: "Located in Chicago, United States, A clean and proud grand city for citizens around America and one of the successful.

City: 102: "Located in Quebec City, Canada. The city has being shelled every through out the war with combine control harsh and ruled by dictatorship. The cities people are no more than just a few as the city is nearly abandoned due to antlion attacks, A citadel is present at the city in the centre square but combine OTA units are heavily present causing no rebel attacks to the city. Rebels cannot besiege the city because they have no force of equipment nor the much large numbers to. Making it a Remained self dated city.

City 103: "Located in Beijing, The hearts of the former capital of China is now in ruins and devastation as the combine destroyed everything thing in its path. Tiananmen Square is now a large combine OTA Garrison and a Nexus holding up to 3412 CP units, 6,123 OTA Units, one Advisor is also present somewhere in the Garrison but is only known to a few combine units and the Earth Administrator. The city is now filled with tight apartment complexes similar to City 8 but with a Mandarin Language and it's tight apartment complexes. The Great wall of china connects as a giant transport system within the walls for the railway to City 111 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia due to the antlion attacks and wildlife.

City 104: "Located in Alexandria, Egypt. The city has been wounded in the war quite badly with famous landmarks not touched by the combine but mostly around them that apartment buildings were destroyed and turned into slums. The Stanley bridge has been destroyed during the war with only the road and he bridge way its self, the combine turned it into a fortress where they would hold prisoners inside for torture and death. The citadel of Qaitbay was used as a large scale nexus which was used as a garrison with combine not OTA units but deserts synths that would be at large patrolling the walls and the outside protecting whatever is inside. The library of Alexandra is used as a combine Loyalist education center for people who want to study and boost there skills oncoming a better person to the benefactors. Alexandria train station is the largest train station in the Northern African region which holds about 521 trains a day oncoming and going rushing practically everything. Citizens still live there harsh brutal life enslaved by the combine with minimal jobs to protect the city and to make it better. The lighthouse of Alexandria was created as a large citadel planted by the combine as only one road making it a perfect fortress. The fort is known as ``The god of Alexandria`` As it is so large and has a big defensive system.

City 105: "Located in Vancouver, Canada. It has the lowest human population in any other cities and the furthest to even try to relocate. The population in Vancouver is just 5,400 and daily work is always delayed due to the lack of equipment and activity from the population. Parts of the city are also abandoned due to frequent antlion attacks."

City 106: "located in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. The city was bombarded everywhere except the First Hawaiian Center ( Building ) this is used for the C W U Center HQ and for business purposes , it has the largest food ration network in the world collecting at least more than 7,500 or half a day using advanced combine technology to detect and collect as many fish as possible. The rationing is then shipped to the Western Coast of the United States or to the Pacific Cities.

City 107: "Located in Saratov, Russia. The city has heavily fortified walls to protect them from antlion attacks the city Is a large industrial city that only holds 2 districts industrial district and the loyalist district which is really small.

City 108: "Situated in Tijuana, Mexico, The city has been bombarded a lot even today due to rebel gangs and even bandits that raid the city, this is because the combine cleared most antlions out so antlion attacks aren't present OTA units are heavily low with only 51 and 4 Kings, there aren't any Synth ground units only air with 6 gunships and 9 dropships. The beaches are littered with mines and rubbish that the combine dumped and population everywhere The hill is used as a resistance/ bandit camp with rebels managing to have pre-war us military artillery guns stationed on there shelling the combine parts of the city everyday. The district business is mainly used for CWU and half of the buildings are abandoned due to poor business and money corruption, The city hall is a garrison and a nexus holding many CP units.

City 109: "Located in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Russia. This city is the furthest city in the Eastern World (Asia) This city is constantly destroyed by heavy storms and winds of snow that batter the houses ripping them apart. The citadel is barely even visible in these storms shows that the combine has less of an advantage to see below. However, the city is shelled a lot in the rebel cells as zombies and head crabs now infest the rebel area making rebel hostility very low."

City 110: "Located in San Francisco, United States. The city is one of the most unsuccessful cites as the combine has failed to protect and building city walls. The golden Gate bridge is rebuilt and as a gateway for the combine for there teleportation for railway and transport to other parts of the world and maybe to the overworld.

City: 111: "Around the former capital of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar, The city is dry all the time as the combine drained every lake and reservoir they could find in Mongolia making water rare around the city, It has a great wall that will lead to City 103 but it is extremely expensive and barley any trains run back that are passenger mostly cargo transport."

City: 112: "Located around the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, They frequent productive city is used mostly half loyalist, half productive. Most CWU jobs are present here as the time. Rebel cells are very large making it the largest rebel cell in central Asia ready and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

City 113: "Located in Boston, Untied States. The city is well known for its history and culture of the United States therefore making the only city in the United States respected and still intact around most parts, however old history objects like the USS constitution and other history icalbjects destroyed ether by the SHW or when the Citadel appeared. But the Boston Public Garden is only accessed to Loyalists.

City 114: "Located in Strasbourg, France. This city is one of the largest most populated cities in the border of France into Germany. The station is the gate way into Germany as combine CP and OTA units patrol with frequent double checkpoints and citizen MUST always have ID on them if they do not they could be dealing with a heavy penalty or worse killed. The cathedral is used as a combine Nexus and a headcrab shelling gun from the back. The old town is used as a loyalist center with the buildings repaired and new nearly every building is newly constructed.

City 115: " Located in Baltimore, Untied States. This city is one of the populated cities on the East coast making it close to the Open Ocean waters. however, in most parts of the city contain masses amounts of waste and destroyed buildings as the combine devastated almost everywhere around the city but the East side near the docks.

City 117: "Located in New Orleans, United States" The city has been actually one of the successful to beat the combine waves in the SHW war however with low defensives the combine wiped out the US army with a matter of seconds with New Orleans being a port city many Warships would ne stationed here to evacuate citizens ether they were brought by the US from other companies to help or used the ships at port instead. The Central business district would be crumbled down with a large citadel that stretch across the city with just an hour. The St Orleans cathedral would be used as a garrison to keep xen wildlife away and to protect the neighbourhood. The bridge of the city is placed under complete authority of shut down that hasn't been touched as only combine supplies can make it through on the bridge to the city itself.

City 118: "Located in Pyongyang, North Korea. The city is the exact same as many other cities, a normal slum destroyed by the Combine, except there is lots of North Korean propaganda, the city is still heavily strict due to the fact that the City Administrator is Kim Jong Un's son.

City 119: "Located in Oklahoma city, This is a well productive city in the United States with a medium-sized population and a good place to relocate however the antlion attacks are quite frequent. Due to Oklahoma City holding one of the largest Federal Transfer Centers and state prison systems in America, the Combine saw to convert it into a multipurpose facility, handling prisoner transfers, human experiments, and military service. Because of this, the old FTC is often compared to Nova Prospekt.

City 120: "Located in Christchurch, New Zealand. The city is very poor and in ruins, many areas of the city are long since been abandoned. This is because the city was shelled into oblivion during the Seven Hour War. However people are trying there best to try and fix it as it was a city that is important in New Zealand, the Christchurch church is used as a sanctuary and a safe zone from the antlions around the city with a resistance area in the underground leading to tunnels and bases. The combine placed short high skyscrapers around parts of the city to use as checkpoints and guard towers capturing many citizens to place in the center for protection. The city was heavily damaged in the 2010/11 Christchurch Earthquake (in the half-life 2 timeline known as the great earthquake of city 120) damaged many citizen housing units and CP checkpoints, the Citadel sustained lots of damage since the epicentre was right under the Citadel, causing the Citadel to suffer major damage and almost caused the Citadel to collapse, however the Combine repaired it, The Christchurch Cathedral (sanctuary zone) was destroyed like it was in real life and as such the Combine had to rebuild the front of the building. The Earthquake and its many aftershocks, both big and small loosened the Combine's grip on the city, the Earthquake killed many citizens, Xen, Resistance, Civil protection, OTA and other Wildlife. This along with many shellings is why City 120 is so damaged, uninhabitable, Xen infestations and Heavy Resistance. The earthquake also collapsed the Canals and undergrounds and bases too. Causing much of the Resistance to be cut off and destroyed by the Combine .Railroads were cut off in the area forcing the Combine to clear the Debris off the tracks so Citizens can be transported in and out.

City 121: "Located in Indianapolis, United States. This city is the biggest industrial city in the America. It has the highest productivity rate and a high population. Antlion attacks are not frequent but giant walls are installed to make sure nothings get in. It also has the largest OTA infantry units at around 3,912 protecting the city at all costs. This is one of the successful cities in the world.

City 122: "Located in Milwaukee United States, A large cold harsh place that is an unsuccessful city which everyday day is attacked by antlions and wildlife, combine control is harsh and brutal and the population isn't so large.

City 123: Located in Jerusalem, Israeli. A trusted world grand city where the hearts of Humanity lie also known as a Jewtopia due to the massive amount of culture and religion in the city that the population is way too much for the combine to brain wash out nearly every person in the city has a wealthy Jewish reputation. The outside in what was former Palestinian territory is shelled to hell with head crabs as the Combine met extremely fierce resistance from the locals, with only a couple extremely fortified FOB points and a handful of sealed off sniper nests exist staffed with only a couple dozen OTA units per fortification. Transport between the city and other bases is extremely risky as much of the headcrabs and undead have gathered in abandoned city centers outside the walls of Jerusalem. Rebels sneak through this to get to territory beyond it which is heavily occupied by resistance adept to the desert environment.

City 124: "Located In Arkhangelsk, Russia. This city is a swampy land as most cities are sinking into the muddy ground and looks like a medieval era set. As the city is in ruins and bandits swarm the streets, it is like a chaotic city as the combine only settled in a small area in the center making it a citizen slum and the nexus the only combine station with 32 OTA units and 2 Elite OTA units.

City 125: "Located in Canberra, Australia, The city is a grand city where most synth units deployed awaiting for anything. Canberra's Old Parliament center is used for a Nexus with lots of CPs and OTA units, mostly the capital isn't that popular due to the war that destroyed nearly the whole city combine has established it as there loyalist paradise and arts are restricted to citizens.

City 126: "Located in Suva, Fiji, The island has no sense of brutal combine control, no antlion attacks nor any sight of threat with a large population the combine made the city a paradise with many loyalists from all over the world to visit the island.

City: 127 "Located in Cairo, Egypt. The city has been into a huge battle all the time with desert antlions and wildlife attacking the city everyday parts of it grow over run and the Giza area is used as a wasteland with sand as death. Cities live in life threatening diseases and a high death toll at least more than 400 people die a day because of the combine's laziness and wanting to be provided by natives of the city to work hard and earn little amounts to support there family and lifestyle. The pyramids are used as the advisors fortress with massive amounts of force and protection, show the might of what the combine are capable of.

City 128: "Located in Lhasa, China." The city is in a ruined abandoned toll for most of the time with high attacks and winter rages wildlife and citizen live mostly underground and sometimes above. The combine use the cliffs as look out points to find any sign of life or dropships to guide them.

City 129: "Located in Acre, Israel." A poor uncivilized city which now only lives in cold harsh ruins. For such a large city it gained the city known as the ghost city. This is because the combine shelled all the cities landmarks history and it's people. making only at least have 2114 citizens left. Nothing remained in the city that the combine adored to try and make it into a garrison or anything to protect the cities with walls. The Acre walls are already placed in with stone and combine parts to repair it however most parts of the city remain dead and wildlife over take the place.

City 130: "Located in Damascus, Syria. The city has failed to repel during the war of Humanity. Making it only lasting around 65 minutes in total before the combine established total domination. There are only few districts. The poor district which was crowed and packed with many Arab Syrian Citizens from the war or are forced in this area making it the most crowded hot spot in the city. CP Control is really harsh, especially on poor district making crime not mostly a thing anymore and mostly people wouldn't dare to start anything. Everyday someone dies. The Middle district or Centre district is where most people like loyalists and well fed citizens hang about for the day. Much cleaner and much healthier citizens aren't treated like dirt instead they work and would actually have time to spend there credits at a mini market. The rich district has local OTA units instead and has a what used to be a citadel of ruins that turned into a garrison, nearly all mosques are destroyed and rebuilt them into bad constructing apartments and housing. Many few people make it into this utopia and actually start to betray there full species by this they are no longer human but now combine as they are people who believe on what lies ahead not the past.

City 131: "Located in Thunder Bay, Canada" A very poor and unrepresented city and not know anymore to many people in North America, however since it has a big structure and a wide building area it is planned as a city by the combine. The University is used by the rebels and hostile insurgent groups around the campus to go against the combine as no nexus is present at the city but on the mountain making rebel control easy. Large industrial areas flood the city with wide range of workers some loyal, some not. The city hasn't been cared for almost everyday. The combine note this city as industrial. The harbour is polluted with all kinds of acids and chemicals.

City 140, Located in Amsterdam, The city has been repaired enough by Human and Synth construction workers, so the place looks like a Neo Combine overworld base, The only city on earth to actually be fully repaired in every district and block, The city has barley any resistance as the citizens are treated well unlike it's neighbors at City 160 with good food and lifestyle, This is one of the city that has the most happiness in Western Europe.

City 141: "Located in Barcelona, Spain. Rubble, death and fear spreads around the city with antlion and wildlife attacks are everyday things, with civil protection units filled with corruption to protect it's citizens and the unions CWU's are failing as they are focused on one thing. Money. All historic sights are demolished and destroyed and made into combine architecture with materials not known to man. The city is on the verge of collapse with no smart barriers or any protection around the city to protect it, Barcelona could be one of the first cities to fall in the Iberian Region.

City 149, "Located in Cologne, Germany. In the remote city lies the gateway to Western Europe with high amounts of pressure from the combine and it's Civil enforcers, No one has gotten in the city without a ticket. Harsh rule was around the districts with brutal dictatorship and propaganda, The Great St martin church is used as a nexus scanner/manhack arcade where the workers produce at least 5,000 manhacks/scanners a day with the technology and the workers. The Cologne cathedral is half destroyed with it abandoned and used by resistance members. The Gardens are used for loyalist purposes with higher tiers and well educated citizens. Overall Cologne is one of the largest cities in Europe with a high population.

City 157: "Located in Cape Town, South Africa. The city has it's own wall border to protect against antlions and wildlife, a massive huge over crowded populated city with a lot of dictatorship control. The city has nothing to it, to support the combine the large citadel and it's nexus would dominate the city, there are barley few people that enter the city as it is overpopulated so entering it is a crowded hell hole. Frequent attacks from antlions are harsh as the walls may not support it's self defending the city. The combine are trying to establish there own walls the best they can, however large resistance uprisings and protests stops the combine from doing what they try to do. Making it a massive hot spot rebel city in the world.

City 158: "Located in Turin, Italy. Turin used to be a thriving city, historically first capital of the kingdom of Italy, protected by the Alps from the north and the Roman gates in the east built during the rise of Rome two millennia ago. During the Seven Hour War the city was very far down on the list of important cities to defend, therefore it was easily conquered by the invader. Upon discovery of the source of the Po river, one of the biggest rivers in Italy, it was immediately used as a base for the production of food, mainly water-based products all over the region. Before and after the war, the city suffered from heavy pollution. As of now, the Combine rule with an iron fist, along with an extremely toxic atmosphere that forces its citizens to wear gas masks. The toxic gasses themselves are not the direct cause of illnesses or death, but it was confirmed before the war that they cause severe headaches. The city's administrator is unknown. The main landmark of the city, the Mole Antonelliana was partially destroyed during the invasion, and it was rebuilt to match Combine standards (different materials and such). The now blue-ish creepy tower looming over the Italian city welcomes Metrocops and Soldiers, with the latter having access to the highest floors in the tower for surveillance. Traces of resistance are unknown."

City 159: located in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Combine drained the Caspian sea entirely, making it a wasteland full of antlion nests and xenian wildlife. Due to this the Combine installed two citadels in the city with specially modified thumpers that can keep the antlions miles away. Combine rule its not so harsh in the city and advisors only come once two months from city 60 to revise the state of the thumpers. The first citadel has cables connected to the city that proportionate electricity while the other is used as a refinery of materials that a massive drill collects from the Earth's crust. There are not so many metrocops or soldiers and because of this the resistance is very present in the area.

City 160: Located in Brussels, Belgium. This is the only city in Belgium to have combine status with large amounts of buildings smashed to bits and destroyed by the smart barriers, railways are more complex with many buildings blocking them and are taking time to get out. OTA units are heavily present around the city as they are multiple resistant groups that protest around certain parts of the city, The city is connected with only two train lines, One into the Rhineland, the second into City 140. The Business district is used as a CWU area with lots of jobs and wide range of work. The grand palace is used as a Nexus to control the city's order, The citadel is near the North of the city.

City 161: "Located in Benghazi, Libya. The city has turned into a swampy slum land that has no chance of recovery, at any stage. Deserts over take the cities housing and block roadways, Resistance is on the verge of taking over the city, and combine union synths are being deployed almost everywhere. But the Nexus making a chance to attack.by the resistance.

City 163: "Located in Edmonton, Canada. The city is mostly controlled by Combine, with a large nexus created in the West Edmonton Mall. Several rebel outposts have been set up in areas in the outskirts of the city."

City 170: "Located in Tripoli, Libya. The same as City 161 the city has been destroyed completely with a new regime in place where Gadhafi's son is the new leader of the city.

City 171: "Located in Palermo, Italy. The city has no history behind or any information regarding about the invasion or the combine all that is known that it is turned into a gateway for the Med sea for cargo and shipping.

City 175: "Located in Changchun, China. A long harsh dictated city that is full of propaganda similar to the city in Korea in the north.

City 179: "Located in Kiev, Ukraine. The Parliament of Ukraine's is used as a nexus for the combine and is used for harsh order and propaganda. The citizens revice harsh cold weather all the time with the combine draining earths resources this is contributed to the struggle of humanity. Population is booming with it still being the 7th largest city in Europe.

City 180: "Located in Jakarta, Indonesia. This city the only industrial city in the South Eastern Asian region with a low population and a high industrial count, the city has suffered heavily due to the war and the wildlife attacks.

City 181: "Located in Shanghai, China. The city has been in a ruined shape of structure, the city has been in damage for over the last years with no improvement and structure, the city lays destroyed in the hands of the combine. The citizens live in the ruble trying to repair whatever they can, the combine allows the citizens to rebuild with their bare hands most of the time they are unsuccessful as it takes more than a week to clear out a building. There are massive large ship like structures draining the water near the Harbour as there are drones and gunships protecting them as each angle and are always on high alert ready to defend it at all costs, few rebels mange to pull one done destroying it and saving at least some of the water with now 6 left. The city now has the largest citadel with the former president of china's son as the dictator of the city.

City 182: "Located in Tacoma, Washington. The city is an important city as it houses a shipyard, located in the dried up port of tacoma, it is used for repairing dropships and gunships. Along with a large population, the Tacoma courthouse is now used as a nexus and the city has 1,800 OTA units along with 700 CP units. It is protected by miles of city walls and thumpers frequently patrolled by the OTA units, while also having a large railway system, which connects it with other cities, like city 5.

City 183.''Located in Alice springs, Australia. The city is surrounded by a dried up waste in the harsh desert of Australia it is identified from afar by a huge skyscraper with a runway poking out of it used for combine air control of the region, In the tower combine aircraft based off of human fighter jets are produced also it is the only way into the city new citizens fly on pre war aircraft into the building. this building is known as ''The hive'' bellow the looming shadow of the hive is a slum like city with the poor of the country living in piles of literal garbage and toxic waste dumped down by the hive making it a haven for native animals to earth such as mice rats and magpies due to the dead corpses and left over garbage on the hot floor of the city, However city 183 Is a haven for combine loyalists with luxury apartments in combine made towers. This makes the city a breeding ground for CP'S who treat any so called rebels with a USP Match shot to the face the area of City 183 is protected by combine thumpers keeping zen creatures away. Apon arival on the hive citizens are welcomed by doctor breen on a large breencast screen with a message on repeat ''Welcome welcome to city 183 citizens across this sunsoaked land who support our great union or as small minds call it the ''Combine'' Will be treated with beautiful living conditions with a view of the beautiful landscape around this beautiful city my home in the citadel so thoughtfully provided by our benefactors is influenecd by the architecture of the citizen housing complexes you will see so common in the city reserved for loyalists. It makes me warm and happy to welcome you to city 183 it's safer here!''

City 184. Chilean Villa Las Estrellas, Antarctica ''Located in the last ''Untouched'' Place left in the planet city 182 Has been transformed from a small research village to something evil City 184 is a huge water mining town where huge combine harvesting machines harvest water to bring to other CMB worlds forced labour is commonly used and the dead are thrown into fires which keep citizens warm the nexus is located on a huge combine ground vehicle which is used to travel across antarctica transport troops and also serves as a residential block this vehicles name is ''RX-104'' or Rex by citizens wherever rex goes in antarctica is classified as a part of city 184 Making 184 The biggest city on earth spaning across the entire antarctic continent rex holds 1000 Civil protection units. 700 OTA's. And a runway for raven fighters C130's and hunter choppers along with a hanger for gunships civil protection units and OTA's located in the antarctic region have special uniforms, The CP's wear human FAST Helmets painted white and the standerd CP Gas mask along with a warm hood covering there head and a full white uniforms with cold resistant clothing OTA's are equipted with ghillie suit like outfits with artificial snow and full white uniforms and gas masks similar to the S10 Inside of RX-104 civilians work day and night to keep the vehicle going however the forced labour has caused problems, rebels which work with rebels in South America and Australia and New Zealand these rebels are perhaps the best trained and geared in the world using military grade helmets vests and uniforms along with advanced human weaponry and aircraft though hunted very often these rebels have proved beyond effective when they almost destroyed the city 183 nexus using a F-15 armed with a JDAM Bomb crashing it into the hanger and blowing up multiple boeing 737's. In the main city area also known as Industrial-184 People live in harsh living conditions in tents for citizens and low ranking loyalists and in the old research areas for the high ranking loyalists, Refurnished with lounges quilted beds and heaters CITY-184's industrial area work stations are cold and wet with the combine using large pipes to suck out the water using huge bladed propellers work accidents often happen due to the low safety standerds most of these caused with the fact no life vests are supplied and there is no railings also the proppelers suck people in with there imense power and force these platforms also serve as living areas known by citizens as ''Rigs'' Due to there similar appearance to offshore oil platforms those who enter the city arrive VIA Ships crossing across the drake passage many people do not make it due to the low safety standerds on these ships with the combine modifying them to replace railings for gun emplacements and guard towers. Also civil protection units onboard these ships are given much better living conditions than arriving passengers living in the former officer quarters and wearing magnetic boots to prevent them from falling overboard on the slippery ship, while citizens crowded on the ships live in tents sometimes at night due to the wind tent even fall overboard with there inhabitants. when arriving in city 182 Citizens exit via combine bridges in an artificial indoor port area known as only the ''Concourse'' when entering the concourse the citizens are greeted by the overwatch voice ''Citizens, report to residential blocks at once welcome to city 182, it is safer here'' In a cold voice...

City 185. Located in Kolkatta, India

City 186: A metroplex sprawled across the Southern Coast of what was the United Kingdom. It houses the bulk of CWU Personnel on the island, and treatment for citizens is a lot lighter for many than for the rest of the world. However, in the remains of the South Downs National Park, huge factories and refineries drain the hills and the River Ouse, to provide water to Earth, and the rest of the Universal Union. The Nexus is based in what was Brighton Pavilion, where the city administrator manages exports through the array of marinas and underground tunnels that connect the huge Metroplex. Due to the City's size, the forces guarding it are also numerous. There are a total of 3,526 CPs, 562 OTA, 105 APC's, 61 Dropships, 21 Gunships and 10 Striders. The City also acts as a rail hub, with lines connecting to Eurasia, and even the Americas via the Arctic. Rebel cells are almost non-existant due to the high quality of life, however Exogen incursions are numerous in the North, around the South Downs Industroplex. As a result, a defensive smart wall has been erected around the area, supported by almost 100 Restrictors, and almost 1000 automated turrets, keeping overwatch in hard to reach areas, while PRESSURE personnel, CWU Researchers and OTA Patrol teams scour the area for hospots, so they can be neutralized. The City has set up a personalized set of Divisions for the CCA, a mixture of standard and non-standard issue divisions to deal with different issues. They are:

City 187: Hanover, Germany. The city has been left in ruins for a good solid time and hasn't been repaired, combine structures dominate the area as they would be the tallest around the city block. There isn't much sympathy for the citizens and barely only loyalists remain in the city, most of the city is used for industrial purposes.

-UNION: A standard division, utilized across the world. They patrol the city centres to detect signs of civil infection and unrest, and act to pacify any malignants that threaten the security of City 186. SWORD is an elite variant, they are primarily utilized to combat large gatherings of malignants and possible rebel cells. UNION mainly utilizes Non-Lethal weaponry like the Standard Issue Stunstick and the USP Match. Sword mainly use the SPAS-12 and HK MP7.

-PRESSURE: The 2nd largest division in the City 186 Overwatch. Deals with Exogen incursions and Necrotic infection zones. Often donning full HAZMAT suits and breathing apparatus, and used to patrol the smart wall and surrounding environs of the South Downs Industroplex. PURGE is an elite variant, renowned all over the world, and deployed across the former UK to deal with incursions. PRESSURE mainly utilizes the SPAS-12 and the Xenian Cleanup solution, delivered via a hose device strapped to their HAZMAT suits. PURGE uses these Cleanup Solution dispensers also, but also utilizes the Overwatch Pulse Rifle for defensive purposes, a show of their elite status, utilizing weapons even the bulk of the OTA do not have at their disposal.

-SEEKER: Takes over a mission usually performed by the OTA. The job of recon. SEEKER is often seen in Guard Towers or elevated positions scouting the landscape with Infared binoculars, seeking out high-priority targets and radioing them back to the Dispatch Overseer (OvS) for quicker reaction to threats. SENTINEL is an elite variation, and handles the job of handling Marksman weaponry, taking out targets from insane ranges with Pulse Snipers. SEEKER is often unarmed, with few relying on knifes and pre-war hunting equipment for their defense. SENTINEL is very well equipped, utililizing Pulse Snipers (Primarily reserved for RANGER OTA elsewhere in the world) and .357 Magnums for self-defense.

-COMLOG: Stands for Communication and Logistics. An Auxillary division designed to increase CCA team cohesion and allow for quicker reaction times. Members of COMLOG are primarily OfC+, and are stationed in the Nexus or other HQ buildings like the Hub in the South Downs Industroplex and the Pier in the Eastbourne Export Zone. DISPATCH is an elite version, often considered the best of the best and CQC, while also constantly processing data and relaying it to OvS. COMLOG is often unarmed, as they stay inside safe Union-Sanctioned buildings almost all the time. DISPATCH is armed primarily with the SPAS-12 and Overwatch Pulse Rifle.

City 187: City 187 is located in the former German town of Aachen. It is a small, but heavily militarized town. A town dedicated to the production of Transhuman soldiers, Synth War machines, and new brutal methods of occupation and oppression. It also holds a small CWU contingent, mainly pressed into operation in Laboratory 187 (a large military laboratory, geared towards developments to CCA Riot Control capabilities. Home to developments like the Mobile Barrier and CMB Riot Tank), or Spire 187 (a miniature Citadel developed to provide defense coverage to the City and its outlands, mainly new Hürtgen forest. This forest was the scene of a brutal rebel offensive, which saw the capitulation of organized rebellion, and the loss of thousands of lives. Combine and Rebels. In the aftermath of this great offensive, smart barriers have been erected to expand the city's territory and consume the resources of the Outlands, and crush any hidden rebel hideouts in the process. This town is a vault. And one no one has yet to crack open.

City 188: "Located in Alaska, U.S. City 188 is located in Anchorage, Alaska. It is relatively large and the majority of civilians live in groups inside of cabins and repurposed stores due to the Combine's refusal to assist most non-loyalists, and the majority of 188 are still redneck, and refuse to help the Combine. Due to the noncompliance, most CP and EpU arrive via Razor Train or APC because the citizens refuse to join the CP and prefer death to joining. Cabins are essential weapon stockpiles for anti-citizens as the dilapidated buildings leave many places inside to hide weaponry. Due to this fact, CPs on average last around a week due to rebels or even the cold. The Combine's control in this area is only kept by Hunters and Striders deployed in all forestry areas and the massive walls in the outskirts of the city. fuck yo The Hunters are sent into the woods for any ambushes of people trying to scale the walls, (Multiple incidents of Anticitizens climbing walls using the trees and mountains.) and the Striders patrolling the streets. The only exception is during blizzards when the Strider's back vents freeze up, crippling the synth. The off duty CPs stay in the center of Combine control in the city, an underground bunker built in metros and caves, due to the heavy winds and freezing cold that would collapse the old buildings if they massive metal structures attached."

City 189: "Located in Pripyat, Ukraine. Probably the worst of the cities due to the already-decaying buildings, the people that live here are older women and scrappy scavengers who search the ruined buildings. The 'Town Center' is located on the old foundation of the Polissya Hotel, having massive Combine towers built on the roof, and sniper towers on all sides of the buildings. The gas mask class 'PBF' have been deemed contraband due to the resemblance between restored gas masks from the area and the Civil Protection mask. (An Anticitizen caused a massive breach at the trainstation by firing into the backs of CPs and opening the border gate entirely, allowing multiple anti-citizens on the other side to pass in)."

City 190: "Located in Sayylyk, Russia."

City 191: "Located in Tbilisi, Georgia right bellow Russia, this city is the largest supplier of rations In Europe, most of the rations made are sent to C-3, C-9, C-10, C-66 C-79, C-107, C-109, C-124, and C-190 , In city 191, it's citizens are limited the ability to join civil protection as there is a high demand for rations and the rebels in City 191 have destroyed every single entrance to the metro underground and started living underground, Lowering the need for civil protection.

City 192: " Located in Guangzhou, China. This city was one of the few cities that remain on the Chinese Front on the Eastern Coast. The Civil Protection here on the city is harsh, with the city still being overwhelmed with a giant population. Jobs are very high as well as the city is in constant repairs in order for it to be stable again. The Resistance in the city is mainly low since most of the population was brainwashed and had no business in order to join them since they knew it was harsh punishments. The city overall is poor and badly maintained. The Combine don't care and the citizens are all in a depressive state.

City 193: "Located in Reykjavík, Iceland. This city was located in the main capital of it, with an cold climate condition and guarded by Civil Protection Units. This city is heavily armed with Overwatch being deployed into undiscovered area near the city, CWU is also been deployed with the overwatch to clean out the Xen Infestation in some infected cities with biotics and parasites. City-193 is also the most heavily guarded city with an standing of 9,700 Overwatch Units and 90 Striders and 160 dropships and other.

City 194: "Located in Chieti, Italy. An old city with historic buildings that have been somehow spared by the destructive Combine army. The City isn't enforced as OTA presence is little to none, all getting sent to the outlands, around Gran Sasso and Majella, where Rebel presence is strong. The City stands on a hill. As a lot of descents and climbs will be almost everywhere. The School "Giovanni Chiarini" and "Sant' Andrea" would be shifted into MPF Nexus and CWU Headquarter. The Church "Santissima Trinità" would be shifted instead into a citadel-like tower."

City 195: "Located in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A. While many of the neighborhoods and smaller commercial districts surrounding the downtown are now vacant, the downtown serves as a semi-major hub for the Combine's rail system, which passes between the old Durham Museum and the former Omaha Amtrak station. The Henry-Doorly Zoo has also been partiality preserved, serving as an attraction for Combine loyalists. There is minimal Overwatch and Civil Protection presence in City 195 since no resistance attacks have occured."

Unity 1 (U1) Located in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Due to it being extremely desolate and having a lot of space, the Combine has more camps there than Citizens. The sewers are extremely secure and protected from the Citizens, but there is a growing rumour about a resistance force readying for a Judgement Waiver. There is a Prospekt Institute to the west, and the Nexus is in the exact center of the entire City. It is heavily guarded, boasting of a 36 - foot high and 76 mile long wall, constantly being circulated with Ranger units. There are 4 artillery towers in the city nearly 70% as big as the entire Nexus, with gargantuan artillery cannons loaded with HE shells designed to immediately suppress any attempt of Anti - Citizen activity / attacks. There have been none in the past year.

City 196: “Located in Liverpool, England. Is very closely related to City 78 and City 6, and is the 5th biggest city in the British Isles. Not much has changed about the city, other than the large citadel in the place of the where the Albert Dock once was, and the large amount of chemical waste in the River Mersey.

City 197: “Located in Cardiff, Wales. This is one of the worst cities in Western Europe, with high amounts of antlion attacks, headcrab zombie outbreaks, and awful standards of living, even for Combine. There are no trains that enter City 197. Despite of this, resistance activity is very high in the city, due to the lack of Combine surveillance, and the overall reputation of the city.

City 198: Located in Chengdu, China. A vital nexus for CMB operations in the former lands of the PRC. The majority of the city is now being mined for resources, with the remainder of citizens being either relocated, shoved into underground habitats, or taken to biomedical facilities awaiting transhumanization. The Dam at Dujiangyan is being extensively mined for water supplies, to be distributed either across Earth or Off-World. With extensive Razor train networks running out the city from a network of three Overwatch Nexus blocks, this also doubles as an extensive transportation hub. Resistance attacks are limited due to heavy guard, but are growing. Losing this city would cripple the Combine's occupation of Asia and maybe even the world.

City 199: Located in Ushuaia, Argentina. This place was the southernmost city on Earth before the 7 Hour War, when the Combine defeated the UN Army. Years later, they established a small garrison in the area for protecting the remaining population (the island of Tierra del Fuego was almost unaltered after the Resonance Cascade) and exploiting valuable resources like wood and water. The Magallanes Strait was an estrategic location before the Combine started using other methods of transport. The city has no resistance movement due to the isolation the population suffered from the rest of the world, therefore it prosper and citizens are allowed to use most of the Combine services freely, like the trains that connect with the near settlements. The economy of the city is based on the exploitation of trees and fishing, adding of course one of the sources of Breen's Water, the mountain ranges nearby.

City 200: Located in Borneo, Indonesia. This City is one of the most Protected City belonging to the Combine, City 200 is mostly Industrial Sectors with many Natural Resources. Ant-Lion Attacks are Rare because of the Defenses that the Combine have set up. City 200 Works along side City 180 to Gather all of the Natural Resources in Indonesia. Overwatch and Civil Protection Units are always on High alert for any Ant-Lion or Rebel Attacks.

City 201: Located in Caracas, Venezuela. This city is a mediumly protected city,mostly from Antlions and other Mutated wild life, City 201 is the Only City in Formerly Venezuela to exist. Overwatch and Civil Protection Units are always on High alert for any Rebel Attacks or Exogen breaches.

City 202 Located in the town of Fugging, Austria. City 202 is a Hive of activity for the Combine and over 30.420 OTA, 5 Synth Division and 4 Advisors. City 202 Has no Citizen but City 202 is in a very important City because it holds a Great history and a great importance to the Austrian People and the Combine High command.City 202 is being supported by City 36, City 187, and City 186 as a Enforcement Program, City 202 is the most Dangerous place on Planet 314 with Daily Rebel and Ant-lion Attacks.

City 203 was built on the relatively untouched area of Cadiz, Spain, considered to be a peaceful city with little to no activity, most of the Civil Protection units where withdrawn and sent to other cities, shortly before the Uprising, A highly trained rebel cell being traced back from Earth's armies that refused to surrender to the combine and hid away, uncovered massive warehouses and caches full of equipment ranging from Assault rifles to Man portable Missile Launchers, and started to undermine the cities combine precense at City 203, eventually forcing the remaining Metro police to surrender as communications where disables to other cities, The Overwatch was going to send a small combine army group, but city 17, the center of the combine was in full rebellion and required all available recourses to contain it

City 204 is a City that was built from three smaller towns consisting of Rumburg, Varnsdorf and Schluckenau, Czech Republic. Each town represents a district. These towns were quite unsignificant before the invasion. Combine now uses these cities as a relocation place for citizens that were "arrested" during the residental block raids. Some citizens get here by random. CPs are non existent in this city. Combine only allows their soldiers to be in here. These soldiers beat the citizens daily. The food rations are really low. Citizens are forced to work in coal mines and factories. These Factories are located in Varnsdorf. Schluckenau is the housing area, because of its many apartment buildings previously built by the soviets. The town of Rumburg is the centre of City 204. Many people can be found dead on the streets, either by starvation or by being constantly beaten by the Combine soldiers. Very few refugees get out, but if some get out, they hide in close village Ehrenberg, small village without much houses. Lot of headcrabs can be found here. The Combine send Strider convoys trough this village weekly to search for the refugees. Some of the refugees are hiding in the old cementary catacombs located in this village.

City 205: Located in Santiago de Chile, Chile. is one of the cities with the highest rates of rebel activity. To contrarrest this, the Combine moved their Nexus to 427 PROSPEKT, and constructed a high structure known as the Lighthouse, to counter rebel atacks, however the Lighthouse has never been used.

City 206: Located in Sunderland, United Kingdom. This city was one of the first ones to be taken over by the Combine during the Seven Hour War. Resistance is common and the Combine are having a tough time fighting it, especially in Hendon. The City Centre Tower was quickly re-constructed and turned into the Nexus where most Combine reside. Antlion attacks aren't frequent in this City and there is decent sanitation, however, due to the rebellious nature of a large amount of citizens, the Metropolice are armed with an extended stunstick which stuns targets for a longer period of time and inflicts a stinging pain on the targets. The Metropolice ranking system is the same as Industrial 17's. Due to Sunderland being near the coast, the Combine deployed Anti-Naval weaponry which is intended to be used against anyone who tries escaping the City via boat. There are almost no leeches in the water, therefore the Combine have to patrol the coast frequently. All of Sunderland's culture was wiped out, churches were turned into Combine outposts and Ration Dispensing Stations. The once shutdown ship-making factories were re-opened and turned into factories where Combine uniform, weapons, munitions and even vehicles are produced by members of the Civil Workers Union. In order to combat the Resistance, special APCs have been produced that are intended for crowd control. The APCs are fitted with a Combine Mounted Gun and two automatic built-in turrets. The Metro Stations have been converted specifically for Combine use.