Civil Protection is a paramilitary section of Overwatch and in turn the Universal Union that is entrusted to sustain stability and behavioral patterns as dictated by them throughout the multifarious urban hubs, or cities, they have orchestrated past the initial invasion and amidst their current global occupation.

Comprised of volunteers, ex-military personnel, police officers, past or present, that have been either forced into the organization or willingly complied and assimilated at promises of a more comfortable lifestyle for both them and their families or simply thoughts of grandeur when compared to the standard ranked citizen.

The aforementioned allows the Civil Protection force, the ‘foot soldier’ of the Universal Union, to be in plentiful supply of officers as normally they undergo massive difficulties throughout their service, causing a considerable portion of the servicing populace’s career to end in death, be it self inflicted, or otherwise.

To uphold order and stability a pseudo hierarchical ranking structure is introduced within the Civil Protection, alongside various means of further solidifying an officer’s loyalty to both the organization and the Universal Union as a whole, be it by means of memory replacement or leveraging an individual's connection with his family or other valuable assets.

The aforementioned, in conjunction with an artificial intelligence that serves as a dispatcher for the officers, relaying information, commands and maintaining order within the organization to ensure the individuals within run at peak efficiency while in the process tracking and through surveillance, ensuring the officers are executing their given orders.

Equipped for population oppression and riot control, the Civil Protection unit, while well outfitted comparatively, is ill equipped to face challenges of proficient opposing combatants, thus Overwatch refrains from utilizing them as the primary offense force, if need be however they may be utilized as a last resort option, or in simpler terms, ‘cannon fodder’.

Rank Structure[edit | edit source]

As with most functions of, ranks widely varies among servers. One could fill an entire book with different rank structures, but by far the most common is the stock "05 - 01" system, which will be described below. This structure does not include server-specific ranks, merely those most common to servers. Civil Protection are shown to be directly commanded by Dispatch, down to responses to requests. Most of the military needs of the Combine are handled by the Transhuman Arm, the Civil Protection have a large variety of ranks and actions to accompany them, a list of the most common rank structure and role is below.

  • RCT: The "recruit" character created whenever a new CPO is made in the character creator. RCT units are traditionally not considered "proper" units; they are only allowed to stay in the Nexus until being promoted, and lack the right to police the citizenry. One may think of them as simple citizens in suits.
  • 05: The first ground unit rank, the 05 is a junior officer. They are allowed access to a police handgun at this point. They are also given the authority to police citizens. They can't act like robocops, which means that you have to obey FearRP, they're just citizens in a suit.
  • 04: Largely a filler rank, the 04 is slightly more experienced than the 05. They do, however, have the right to form patrols on some servers. It is of note that on some servers this is the final "non-brainwashed" rank; what brainwashing implies varies from server to server.
  • 03: A mid-range officer, the 03 is given the right to operate an MP7 submachine gun, increasing their combat lethality. They are generally colder on the citizens and more inclined to follow the Combine's will to the letter.
  • 02: A more advanced rank officer than the 03. Largely filler, as with the 04. They are colder still to the citizenry.
  • 01: The highest ground unit rank. 01 units are often brainwashed and very loyal to the Combine. They do not make as many mistakes as they did as 05s, and are significantly more effective in combat, owing to their practiced marksmanship.
  • OfC: Officer-type units that essentially function as field commanders. They may have trench coats and shotguns, a common specialization for this rank of unit.
  • EpU: Elite Protection Units are considered the final rank that may appear in the field. As with the OfC, their equipment, augmentations, and appearance varies by server.
  • DvL: This one controls and commands an entire division, and have authority over RCT-EpU, if they are in the division that he/she commands*
  • CmD: An uncommon "commander" subjugated to the SeC. Often has a unique uniform. They may receive augmentations.
  • SeC: Sectorial Commander. This unit is considered the general "leader" of a server's Combine forces and may have a unique uniform. They are almost always augmented and heavily-armed. Certain servers exclude this unit.
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