CmD Civil Protection Unit (Commander)

  The Commander is the second in charge, he is able to give orders to any CP below his rank that is in his area. He is normally armed with a Stunstick, Pistol, Shotgun, SMG, and one grenade, and sometimes, he can also be armed with a 357. and a pulse rifle in serious combat situations. He is rarely sent outside however because of his high rank and can lead patrols into restricted areas (slums, sewers and so on). He normally has a blue tinted CP uniform. He can command all units When SeC is not on duty.

SeC - Sectorial Commander

CmD - Commander

DvL - Divisional Leader

EpU - Elite Protection Unit

OfC - Officer

05-01 - Ground Units

RCT - Recruit

(In order of authority)

If you are named: MPF-RCT.06196, you are the Default Rank (Recruit). If you change your name to: MPF-CmD.06196, you now become the Commander (CmD).