The conscripts are basically pre-war soldiers capture durning the seven hour war and are forced to work for the combine forces as first line of defence, they use the conscripts for dirty work or even life threating, such as protection valued locations or cleaning out sewers of creatures or other filth, but most and cirtantly to execute innocent civileans where the Civil protection thought it is legit to do so, Most of them years after the 7 hour war they mostly use civileans for conscription with low valued skills as the combine doesn't want to be bothered with it, aside all the lore this is how the listing works as it is followed..


Civil Protection.

Overwatch or other.

And its confirmed that the combines or metro police forces mock the conscripts for their low value of duty, despite its being a very dangerous forced job onto them, they'd get equally treated as the citizens, pushed around or just plain bad treatment. of course they have ranks from private first class till third, and so on and on, since its a traditional military conscription.

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