A Contraband Item is any item that the Universal Union believes conflicts with its goals and is thus illegal 

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Two citizens dealing with contraband.

for citizens to possess or use. Though relatively easy to obtain if proper contacts are known, the carrying of any contraband item is an offense punishable under Combine law.

The reasons for labeling different items "Low, High, Or Lethal" varies, with items such as radios banned for their use by the Resistance, and regular clean water banned for its lack of the memory-replacement chemicals found in Dr. Breen's Private Reserve-brand canned water. Note that different contraband may be placed at different levels, or not be contraband at all depending on the server. This is not a comprehensive list.

Low Level Contraband Edit

These items cannot, and will not cause any damage to any other citizen in the city. Depending on the server, if you are caught with any of these items, you will receive a Violation Level 2, 3 Anti-Citizen Points, 2 Jail Cycles, and a re-education.

These Items Include:

-Food not found from Rations/Vending Machines



-Vegetable Oil

-Health Vials (not contraband for Medical CWU)

-Spray Cans

-Steroids (not contraband for Medical CWU)

-More than 5 Paracetamols (These vary from server to server and is not contrband for Medical CWU)

High Level ContrabandEdit

These items could be deadly if used in the right way. Having possession of these items will grant you a Violation Level 3, 3 Anti-Citizen points, 4 Jail Cycles, and a re-education. These items inlcude:

-Radios (Stationary or Handheld and on some servers a CWU is allowed to have one but may vary on different servers)

-Health Kits (not contraband for Medical CWU)

-Anti-Depressants (In some servers this is not contraband for Medical CWU)


-Low Caliber Ammunition (9mm, SMG, etc.)

-Union or Combine card (Union card is not contraband for CWU)

Lethal Level ContrabandEdit

These items are lethal both to the Civil Protection, and Citizens. If you have these items, it is best to have an area of storage for these items. If you are caught with these items, you will recive A level 5 Violation, 12 Anti-Citizen Points, and jail until a JURY unit can be on duty for your amputation. These items include:

-Weaponry of all kinds

-Grenades of all kinds


-High Caliber ammunition (RPGs, Crossbows, etc.)