The crowbar, as it appears in Half-Life Two

The crowbar is a tool designed for prying open tight openings, like a crate. This tool is famous because of Half-Life Two, and it is Gordon Freeman's preferred weapon choice.

This acts like a melee weapon in Half-Life Two. It is used to beat other entities, and does not require ammunition to use. The model is a dark red, metal pole-like object, with a silver hook on the top end, and a silver slant on the bottom. The top and bottom are quite sharp, and while it would not manage to penetrate a person's skin too much, it can cause bruising, internal bleeding and cut.

Main Features:

  1. Light frame for fast movement
  2. Dark colors
  3. Very useful utility
  4. Effective melee weapon
  5. Can be used for other purposes (i.e., medical aid)

The weapon will not be used by any Universal Union unit. It is most likely found on Resistance members. It can be used to pry open doors, beat down other people and creatures, or even used as a makeshift splint, a walking stick, or a way to catch onto certain objects to pull yourself up onto them. We don't recommend the latter.