A handheld radio is a portable device capable of transmitting and receiving radio transmissions with other handheld radios and stationary radios operatingon the same frequency.
Handheld Radio

A Resistance member using a Handheld Radio in the underground of City 8.


Handheld radios are widely used by the Civil Workers' Union, the Metropolitan Police Force, and the Resistance, both within and outside of the Combine -controlled cities.

Though it is never determined within Half-Life 2 if the radios are pre-war or manufactured by the Combine. The more likely estimate is that they are based off of a pre-war design, entirely Combine-manufactured for the CWU and MPF and used in a combination of pre-war and Combine-manufactured by the Resistance.


Like the stationary radio, the handheld radio must be left-clicked to activate/deactivate, and right-clicked to alter the frequency. This is done in the inventory, unlike the stationary radio, which is operated from outside a player's inventory.