Authenticity makes it feel more like HL2, i.e. what players want to roleplay.

Razor[edit | edit source]

Razor is a defence/offense division for anything regarding Rebels. They receive an MP7 and are hand picked by Division Leaders.

Union[edit | edit source]

Union units are the most common officers of Civil Protection, and are usually the most heavily equipped. They are responsible for keeping law and order in the cities, as well as being the main unit for raids and other operations Civil Protection is involved in.

Helix[edit | edit source]

Helix is a Medical Division, responsible for giving medical assistance to other units, regardless of rank or division. In order to be in the Helix Division, a unit must have extensive medical skill and training.

Grid[edit | edit source]

GRID or General Robotics and Intelligence Division are responsible for the creation of combine checkpoints, manhacks, APC's, Combine scanners, etc. GRID use advanced robotics and tech to locate anti-citizens. Their loadout is a similar to the basic union loadout.

Jury[edit | edit source]

Jury is used for interrogating prisoners. They will be sometimes sent outside for patrol or guarding Hardpoints, but this is not often. Interrogation will be used if citizens are: Anti-Citizens, equipped with Level 5 Contraband, equipped Level 6 Contraband, equipped with Level 7 Contraband, and/or if they have below/higher of 9mm ammo.

Nova[edit | edit source]

Nova are MPF Unit guards that Patrol the Nova Prospekt side of the Nexus. They are responsible for running the prisons and essentially function as wardens and prison guards. They aren't really sent outside of the Nexus, only if a Judgement Wavier is in effect.

Zone[edit | edit source]

Zone is a defensive division. They specialize in guarding Hardpoints, checkpoints, and restricted areas. They are to protect these areas so no Citizens can pass.

Mace[edit | edit source]

Mace is a special division. These units specialize in Special Operations, and breaching tactics. These units aren't really sent outside to patrol or to guard Hardpoints. They are only sent outside of the Nexus, but are sent outside only when a Judgement Wavier/Autonomous Judgement is in effect, and if they are needed in sweeps or Rebel Base raids.

Spear[edit | edit source]

Spear is a division that specializes in torture and torture tactics. They may torture: Anti-Citizens, confirmed Resistance members, prisoners, and Citizens with a large amount of Contraband. They are mainly used for Amputations.

Judge[edit | edit source]

Judge is a higher ranking Jury division. They have more questioning tactics, can torture sometimes (but not that much), and they mainly remain inside of the Nexus. They can also be used for Amputations. You can only join this division if a higher ranking Judge unit requests that you join.

Shield[edit | edit source]

Shield is an high, advanced division. They are trained with the ways of defence and protection. These units are appointed with defending City Officials and other Units, such as the CWU Manager, the Minister of Health and the Helix Unit when available.

Pressure[edit | edit source]

Pressure is an infestation control division, mainly focused on stopping xen creatures' breaches.

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