The Python, made by Colt Manufacturing LLC, is a very popularized revolver, utilizing the .357 magnum cartridge. It is a popular weapon because of its media fame, versatility, and powerful damage potential. In the Half-Life universe, the weapon is an extremely rare find. The Universal Union does not produce the weapon, and would be found in very odd places. The pistol itself would most likely be worn, due to the materials used, and the ammunition needed is used in no known firearms that the Universal Union use.

The damage a single round can inflict would be nearly fatal if it managed to hit the head or chest. However, the figure of the weapon would also probably throw back the users arm after firing. The long barrel can help with medium ranges, though it is preferably used in close-quarters because of the recoil.

Main Features

  1. A double-action mechanism
  2. 357. Magnum rounds
  3. A long barrel, assisting in long-range accuracy
  4. A chrome finish, with a black pistol-grip
  5. Iron-sights with red and white points for ease of target acquisition

The weapon is mostly used by the Resistance, as not many/any Officers at all use the weapon (depending on which server you are playing). The user will have to load the weapon by pulling out the cylinder, individually loading the 357. magnum bullets into each slot, then pushing back the cylinder. They must then pull back on the hammer, and be careful not to pull the trigger until they acquire a target.