Overview[edit | edit source]

An example of wallhacks being used on a DarkRP server.

Minge is an interchangeable term for people who attempt troll, mostly used within Garry's mod, they usually use exploits/hacks in order to attempt to accomplish their goal. Minges often do this for amusement or to get specifically wreck havoc due to anger/drama.

Types of Minges[edit | edit source]

There are many different kinds of minges, most of them having their own unique goal and reason. Here we will go over the many differen types of minges.

Standard Minge[edit | edit source]

This is type attempts to aggravate people by the use of offensive words such as racial slurs and other in game actions. They aren't too harmful if they do not get the attention.

Spamming Minge[edit | edit source]

This is type attempts to disrupt the server by repeatedly sending large amounts of text in an OOC chat or other chat functions. This can, however, be easily countered by setting a word limit and having a few seconds before you may speak again.

Trolling Minge[edit | edit source]

This type usually attempts to RDM and/or target individuals for the sole purpose of bringing annoyance and disturbance.

Exploiting/Hacking Minge[edit | edit source]

This type uses hacks in order to cause mass disturbance. They may do it silently by activating silent aimbot and other cheats. They can also do it blatantly by activating standard aimbot or other cheats.

Server Crashing Minge[edit | edit source]

This type attempts to crash the server by any means possible and usually joins only to do so. They attempt to be silent in their operations.

DDoSing Minge[edit | edit source]

This is the rarest type of minge. They attempt to DDoS the server and can cause the most disruption out of all the types.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word 'Minge' is a slang term in the UK / Britain and the surrounding area and is used similarly to how Americans or Australians use 'Cunt'. The word probably saw use in Garry's Mod because the person who made it, Garry, lives in the UK and most likely had friends who lived in the UK who used this word often. Some people may say that the word was coined by Bob Good in his first days of minging. While this video uses the word minge, and was posted in 2010. While Bob Good was the first minge to become influential in HL2RP around 2014, he was also the first person recorded to have the term minge applied to him in HL2RP. Other minges and groups such as Madbluntz and Swishahouse came along since to wreck havoc upon the gamemode.

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