An example of wallhacks being used on a DarkRP server.

"Minges are the best people in the world" -some minge who keeps vandalizing the page, (2018)

Etymology Edit

The word 'Minge' is a slang term in the UK / Britain and the surrounding area and is used similarly to how Americans or Australians use 'Cunt'. The word probably saw use in Garry's Mod because the person who made it, Garry, lives in the UK and most likely had friends who lived in the UK who used this word often. Some people may say that the word was coined by Bob Good in his first days of minging. This is false, as HL2RP came out some time in 2012, while this shitty video about gmod uses the word minge, and was posted in 2010. Since Bob Good is only known to have been influential in the HL2RP community, it can be safely deducted that he did not coin the term.

Terms Edit

  • Punchwhoring - Punching people without a reason or proper roleplay.
  • RDM (Random Deathmatch) - Is when someone kills you without a reason.
  • Glitching / Exploiting into the nexus - This is when a minge or group of minges use various exploits to get into the nexus, usually done to get weaponry such as dropped AR2 pulse rifles or SPAS-12 Shotguns.. (Ways of doing this include /charfallover and /animatw 1 /sleep.)
  • Autism - Will micspam and screech autistically, usually in RP situations.
  • Wallhacks - a type of cheat used by minges and admins alike to see through walls and around the map without being in name range.
  • Aimbot - a cheat that allows people to, either with the use of silent aim (which does not move the cheater's view) or quick aim (normal, snappy aimbot), to easily kill or tie people without having any actual aiming skill. This is often abused in S2K or Shoot to Kill RP situations by Powergamers.
  • ESP - Synonymous with Wallhacks