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The Overwatch Transhuman Arm, or OTA (as it is commonly abbreviated to) is the military backbone of the Combine- unlike Civil Protection. They are infrequently seen within city limits. (colloquially referred to as Combine Soldiers) are transhuman infantry units, well-armored with Pre-War Ceramic Plate Armor, heavily augmented, and conditioned into post-human killing machines.

Most of the time, OTA units will remain garrisoned in stasis, and are only deployed when necessary.

Unmodified CW:HL2RP will give you 150 health and 150 armor to start. This makes you difficult to kill; yet remember that you are still vulnerable alone. As a result, it is best to coordinate with your allies and use tactics such as flanking and suppression fire to defeat enemies in S2K or S2RP engagements. But remember that Rebels have the critical advantage of surprise and guerrilla warfare to counter you in-turn.

The Overwatch Transhuman Arm is composed of several different divisions, also known as detachments. Each detachment either serves a different purpose, or possess different weaponry and attributes.

ECHO units are standard Overwatch Soldiers, and are usually armed with an MP7, OICW, or AR2. Most of the time, they will remain garrisoned in stasis, only being deployed in critical situations.

DAGGER/MACE units are Overwatch Soldiers that wield a shotgun. They operate similarly to standard Overwatch Soldiers and bear reddish-brown armor instead of the usual dark blue. On certain servers, MACE is a division of the MPF.

HURRICANE/AIRWATCH is an Overwatch detachment that is responsible for the control of Combine gunships and hunter-choppers. Instead of a standard Overwatch helmet, they will wear a helmet outfitted with a visor.

RANGERs specialize in long-range combat, serving as the sniper division of the transhuman arm. They wield an OSR, though weaponry can depend on server.

GHOST/PHANTOM units are deployed for stealth operations where their deadly accuracy and efficiency are required. Most servers will use GHOST and PHANTOM as MPF divisions.

X-RAY is simply a medical division that are usually armed with standard weaponry.

The SENTINEL division are usually Overwatch Elites that guard the highest ranking members of the Combine, such as the Earth Administrator. They will often wield an AR2.

KINGs are Overwatch Elites that command standard OTA ECHO squads. They are highly trained and skilled combatants.

Add OTA Shotguner in Mace and Elite on King photos

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