Information[edit | edit source]

RamboTheBully was a minge who was active in the scene from 2014 to 2017. He was friends with MerleTheBully

He was seen on many servers after his claim to fame coming from minging in association with the Bob Good Militia back in early 2014. However, despite this boost in popularity, Rambo was heavily criticized, being seen to be incredibly egotistical and self-centered. After a few years had passed, Rambo had lost interest in minging, after a rivalry with Remi led to him being kicked out of the Bob Good Militia.

The last confirmed time he was seen being active anywhere in relation to Half-Life 2: Roleplay was 2018, though some rumors persisted that he was active with deepcover accounts until 2019, and other rumors that he had joined Madbluntz.

RamboTheBully is seen as a disgraced minge by many after he was kicked out of the Bob Good militia, though many others see him as being betrayed by Remi Good (Remi Paki), who was later exposed for ERP

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He owned a server named Crimson Bolt Gaming, which was a front to lure and IP grab ERPers and the other members of the Bob Good Militia who betrayed him.
  • RamboTheBully's avatar

    The page version prior to this one showcased multiple minge operations credited to RamboTheBully, such as the Hydra Community rogue SA events that occured back in 2017. It is unknown if he added these himself or others mistakingly did.
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