Rambo Bully (Brian 'Rambo' Blake) is a form of a minge.

He is seen on many servers and joined the 'Bob Goods Militia' in late 2014.

One of the most relentless minge to ever exist in the milita. An unstoppable force of pure mingery that can gain super admin status in a matter of a few days. Many claim RamboTheBully is one the best looking minges compared to all the other minges. 

Due to his charisma Rambo was beloved by Bob Good and made co-owner of the militia. Two faggots known as " Bobby Denton " and " Remington " would always try to get Rambo in trouble, but they always failed. He was eventually betrayed by Bob Good in the end. 

He is also the former owner of " Crimson Bolt Gaming "

Rambo's Accomplishments  

  1. Got owner of HydraGaming and banned the entire playerbase in 2014. 
  2. Did it again in 2017. 
  3. Scammed over 200 children into buying cheap virus booters. 
  4. Convinced people on servers he was admin and got inside their base and stole their guns. 
  5. Got pedophiles lynched in real life. 
  6. Convinced a pedophile to suicide.  
  7. Single-handedly BTFO'd Blow-job (boojay) Turrets little cumslave.
  8. Over 625 confirmed rdms on serious roleplay servers.
  9. Prevented at least 30 ERP scenes from taking place.
  10. Leader of the most supreme cults known to man kind.

Rambo Titles:

  1. Rambo The Cruel
  2. Rambo The Bully
  3. Rambo The Governor
  4. Charles Manson Junior