This is a combine standard Recruit Uniform. They wear the same uniform as the ground units.

A Recruit (RCT) is the first rank given to those who were just accepted into the Union.

Life as a RecruitEdit

A recruit is a Civil Protection unit which has been accepted from an application from a citizen. They are basically a citizen in uniform. They are also usually scared of higher ranked units (DvL, OfC etc.) and resistance alike. They are hated among the citizen community due to them thinking of Recruits as 'traitors' or 'backstabbers'. They live among the other CPs in the barracks. They also wear either a light kelvar or none at all. Recruits tend to go rogue, or defect to the resistance.


Recruits are not allowed to patrol the city, only if a high unit (OfC+) orders them to follow. They don't carry any weapons due to only being allowed inside the Nexus, but sometimes carry stunsticks. They usually get a lot of training to get promoted to a higher rank (05 or 04/or i7-i6); they are trained by high ranking units. Sometimes 01+.