This is a combine standard Recruit Uniform. They wear the same uniform as the ground units.

A Recruit (RCT) is the first rank given to those who are just accepted into Civil Protection.

Description[edit | edit source]

The initiation rank into Civil Protection, categorized as the runt of the litter. Officers of this rank are advised to confine themselves in socio-stable locations as to not risk exposing themselves to situations which they are, currently, ill-equipped to handle; their assortment, and limited equipment consisting of that of the basics required for their day-to-day operations. Additionally, these officers are prohibited from loitering, patrolling in designated non-patrol regions and engaging in any operation requiring TAG (Tactical Assault Gear) equipment; nonconforming to the aforementioned is likely, and will be expected to result in said officer’s deservicement.

Typically, they are entrusted with assignments in controlled sections of the index, and are expected to act as a means of auxiliary with examples such as restricting access to locations and searching suspects while additionally routinely interlocking with high-ranking officers during patrol commission, block inspections, and similar undertakings.

Permissions[edit | edit source]

Recruits are not allowed to patrol the city, only if a high unit (OfC+) orders them to follow. They don't carry any weapons due to only being allowed inside the Nexus, but sometimes carry stunsticks. They usually get a lot of training to get promoted to a higher rank (05 or 04/or i7-i6); they are trained by high ranking units. Sometimes 01+.

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