Sectoral Commander

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Sectorial (sometimes Sectoral) Commander is the highest rank generally given to a member of the MPF. The Sectorial Commander (or SeC, for short) is almost exactly what it sounds like, being the commander of a specific Sector. Usually, there is only one SeC in a city, and being the SeC means that you are the commanding officer of all MPF units in that specific city, or sector. Sectorial Commanders are usually seen wearing a burnt orange armband, badge, and shoulderpads. Of course, they wear the high-commander's mask; a pale one with piercing red eyes, at that.

Some servers give the Sectorial Commander a different appearance. This secondary model depicts the SeC with black, specialized armor and similar mask.

Unlike the majority of MPF units, a Sectorial Commander is often considered to be less human than otherwise. Normally, the SeC will contain augments (or "augs", for short), robotic implants that can increase performance of various bodily functions in a unit. This would mean that they are considered transhuman, like the OTA. In most servers, a Sectorial Commander is heavily armed, having the whole lot of weaponry: grenades, a .357, and a pulse rifle.

Sectoral Commanders are, logically speaking, rarely to be sent into combat due to the fragility of their rank (some servers disregard this, allowing their SeC's to be out and about). However, when they are outside, they are certainly a force to be reckoned with; being not only the big boss of the city, but having augmented strength and speed, as well. In most servers, the SeC is required to be with two OTA at all times when outside of the Nexus, for good reason.

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