Smoke Grenade Edit

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A classic grenade.

The Smoke Grenade is a non-lethal explosive device manufactured by the Combine and used by Civil protection, Overwatch, and the Resistance as a means of obscuring enemy vision in a particular area for a temporary amount of time.

Usage Edit

The Smoke Grenade, which uses an identical casing to the Flash and Fragmentation Grenades, is a pre-war, military-designed non-lethal explosive that is manufactured by the Universal Union and is issued to the Metropolitan Police Force and Overwatch Transhuman Arm to create either a form of rudimentary cover in open areas or obscure enemy vision in closed areas and buildings.

Captured units are utilized by both anti-citizens and the Resistance, though due to their lack of a means to mass-produce them, the number available to anti-Combine forces is restricted to how many fall into Resistance hands.

Operation Edit

The Smoke Grenade, like other Combine-manufactured grenades, is operated in-character by pulling the safety pin, flipping the lever atop the casing, and tossing at the desired area. Out-of-character, it is operated by selecting it in the inventory, equipping it, and hitting the fire button (default left-mouse button) after pointing your aiming reticle in the desired direction.